Saturday, April 23, 2011

Free Free Free

Today I got to do some of that free couponing I keep hearing about. I had 4 coupons that read "$2 off any 2 Reach toothbrushes". I went into Fred's and they had Reach toothbrushes for $1 each. That made them completely free! Well I did have to pay the tax on the $1 each. But since Saturday is double coupon day at Fred's (they'll double any coupon with a value of .70€ or less), one of my doubled coupons gave me enough extra off to pay that tax! So, I got 8 toothbrushes for free! I'm looking forward to getting even more stuff for free by using coupons!!!!!

I forgot to mention that a few days earlier, I got free reach floss from Dollar General!  I had 4 $1 off any 1 reach floss - Dollar General had it for $1 each = FREE!!!!!!!! 

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