Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Still Saving

It's been a while since I posted ... But it's been the same old same old. I still spend more at walmart than I save. But save more at cvs than I spend! Boy do I wish walmart would start a customer loyalty program with register rewards like cvs. I would save a TON!!! This week was a good example of what a normal shopping trip for me is. At cvs, I had 3 transactions which included 1 that I had a raincheck on from the previous week. All totaled, I got $75.55 worth of products. This included: 2 14ct Prevacid, 2 tubes of toothpastes, 2 banana boat sunscreens, 1 mascara, 1 loose powder (make up), & 2 grape jellies. I saved $44.29 using coupons & ECB's (register rewards for buying a certain $ amount of particular products). I spent $31.26 in cash. Basically I paid for the 2 prevacids & the mascara & got everything else for FREE!!! We use every single product I bought. I didn't buy anything that we don't use or didn't need in the next few weeks! Then came walmart ...... I MUST by regular groceries even when I don't have coupons for some things. Things that I didn't have to buy this week - that I could have waited to buy but bought anyway- I had coupons for. Things we will use, but weren't out of yet. But if I have coupons that are about to expire, I go ahead and buy the stuff. On the flip side, if I'm out of something, I have to buy it - coupon or not! This is why I only saved $17.85 at walmart. And why I spent $140. :(. But there were groceries that HAD to be bought. Things that I could not wait for a sale or coupon for! Still, in my book, some saved is better than none saved! So, I'm still wandering around in couponland. Still searching for the best deals and those coupons. I almost had a stroke when a friend of mine said she threw her coupons in the trash!!!!!!!! I told her, quickly, to give them to me!!!! She's basically throwing money in the trash as far as I'm concerned!

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